Event Preparation

Here’s some valuable information for High Performance Driving Events (HPDE) such as:

– Track Day Preparation

Here’s some tidbits on how to prepare for a Track Day Event.

If you want to really get serious about preparing your Corvette for a Track Day, then you should read this Corvette Forum Article: How to Build a Track Corvette on a Budget.

— Timing and Scoring Software

If you really want to get into making your Track Day experience more exciting, you should invest in timing and scoring software.

If you have an iOS device (iPhone, iPod or iPad), or Android device, several really good apps are available that provide for audio/video capture, data acquisition, and ODB capabilities.

– Motorsports Organizations

 – Racing Venue’s


SCCA Time Trials is the fastest growing class of racing and may be your ticket.  Start exploring the possibilities here:

And don’t forget, Corvette’s race in other National Series as well: