The iconic 1,000,000th Corvette that was seriously damaged during the now-infamous Corvette Museum Sinkhole Event was unveiled at the reopening of the Museum Rotunda this morning – nearly two years later.


CNN, as well as other news outlets covered the event.  There are some great before and after pictures for those interested in the restoration.

There now remains only one Corvette to restore; a 1962 Tuxedo Black Convertible.

Read the CNN article HERE.

I try not to use this website as a podium, for various reasons, but, in this particular case I will ask for your indulgence. During our last meeting I told everyone about the IMSA Balance of Performance (BoP) Petition currently being solicited at This is not just about the Corvette Racing Team and its fans, but about the International Motorsports Association’s application of the rules of the racing series over the last two years, as it applies to all manufacturers in the series; although, the Corvette Racing Team seems to have taken the brunt of most of the actions thus far. This is also not a sour grapes issue as “some other camps have expressed”. To help everyone interested understand the issue I have included below several well written and concise articles that should fill in the blanks for you.

IMSA’s Unbalanced Balance of Performance Adjustments – Part 1

IMSA’s Unbalanced Balance of Performance Adjustments – Part 2

…and to a lesser extent, this article:

Championship “Mind Games” – BoP & the Lone Star Le Mans

So, after wading through the technical and philosophical points made above, and if you are so inclined, I ask you to take the time and sign the petition.

Sign the Petition

Thank you!


Averil Loague, Club Photographer, has posted pictures and videos of our August 2015 event participation including the Home Depot Show, the Gadsden First Friday Trip, the Cruisin the Boulevard event at Capitol City Chevrolet and the recent Shriners Car Show.

Make sure you go and view them at “Things That Go Fast“.  Who knows, your cars’ pictures might be there; and who doesn’t want pictures of their car.